How it works

You start with 0 Semillas in your account, but offering something (a service or a product). When someone wants it, she pays you with Semillas, so you increase your Semillas account while she removes Semillas from her account. For example, you are offering oranges 3 Semillas/Kg. Julia, who loves oranges, is interested in your offer, and wants 1 Kg. You give her the oranges and she will transfer you 3 Semillas. And that's the way of getting Semillas.

Then, can my Semillas account be negative?

Of course. There is a limit, currently is -20, that you cannot overpass. So you will have to offer something that interest people in order to balance your account. Don't worry, for sure you can do something for someone and add Semillas yo your account. The Semilla is designed so the users keep moving from positive balance to negative and back. A positive balance means that we have given to the network more than we have consumed, while a negative balance means that we have consumed more than we have given.

Monthly redistribution

A monthly redistribution of 5% will be applied. Those who have a positive balance, a 5% of their Semillas account will be removed, while those who have a negative balance, will get a 5% number of Semillas of the negative quantity you have. Abandoned accounts will converge to zero after some time.

Reference values

The reference decided for the services is of 10 Semillas/hour, this is an guidance value. No one will be controlling, and this can vary. But applying this index we can make sure the system works i an equitable manner.

Prices in Semillas and Euros

There can exists products where can be interesting to pay a percentage in Semillas and a percentage in official currency. This is because the user has some fixed expenses in official currency required to offer those goods or services.

Join us and help us to take decisions!

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