"Semillas" is an open and transparent technology, which serves humanity. It's a tool for social change, due to its ability to build networks wherever it circulates. In this way, the abundance of creative, artistic, manual and intellectual resouces is distributed and exchanged though the support of all its members.

The "seed" grants local sovereignty. It is subject to the participative and democratic processes of the people who use this currency, and their local relationships.


Because the people that have created this, want to add visibility to the care economy and empower every individual in their skills. We are achieving this through the categories for creating new services in the app, we want to infer a social, solidarity, sustainable and ecologic use.

Also we want to allow the creation of new monetary mass to pay social actions that benefits the common. We are in search of asociations or institutions that want to perform jobs for the benefit of everyone and pay it in Semillas (like for example, to fix their social center). Go to Semillas Bank


All the code we write is immediately published on the Internet. https://github.com/semillas

If someone modifies the product, they are also obligated to publish it on the Internet, allowing the rest of the developers to also adopt the improvements.

Therefore is 100% redistributable, copyable and modifiable.

There's no need to pay user license fees.

Any entity could create its own currency using this software.

Mutual Credit

Semillas is a mutual credit system. The total sum of every positive balance accound and all the negative one is 0. It proposes a equitative oxidation to boost the use and avoid accumulation.

The seeds come to life in the same moment that two people or collectives voluntarily accept an exchange: one adds the seed value decided upon and the other subtracts the same amount.

A positive balance indicates that we have contributed more than we have consumed, while a negative balance indicates that we have consumed more than we have contributed to the network. Therefore, when our balance is negative, we can offer some product or service to make it positive again.

Plug & Play

Despite the fact that there are different groups and experiments using similar iniciatives, it's very complicated to get involved in them. You must send e-mails, attend collective meetings, etc. In "Semillas" you can become an active member in a matter of seconds.

Local & Global

All the offers are sorted by proximity, which will favor the local market. But we want to give a technological possibility to get, in exchange for your Semillas, Chinese classes from China, for example.

Collaborative Currency

Our proposal isn't only an alternative currency, but also a tool for creating collaborative networks. It promotes synergies with collaborative economy platforms, which accept payment in seeds.

Sovereignty Catalyst

Semillas promotes the common good, Paying in Semillas works to the community or civic actions. For that it relies on Semillas Banks.

Seed Banks

It's a neighborhood group in the shelter of a public or private institution.

The Seed Bank is in charge of creating and rewarding community work done (social, ecological, educational, environmental), as well as civic duties.

The next example shows the city hall coordinating a Seed Bank. The city hall closes the monetary cycle by accepting The Seed as payment in the rental of sport centers, fines, etc.